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Lybab AB works with a number of clients from Lidingö and the surrounding areas, offering them professional renovation services, but also a valuable support in erecting buildings. The company takes care of snow clearance and garden maintenance and various other smaller services, always trying to personalise their offer according to the client's expectations and instructions. They work with private investors, local governments, organisations and more, always striving to perform their services to the best of their abilities.

Snow clearance services in Lidingö

Snow is an obtrusive precipitation, which gathers on buildings, roads, lawns and in many other places. It is not only uncomfortable to walk through, but also poses a serious danger to the drivers and various constructions. Lybab AB offers regular snow clearance services in Lidingö to all the people who suffer the effects of it being stored for a long time in one place. It can damage the roofs, decreasing their tightness and the efficiency in protecting the insides from the cold. The frequency of the assistance is discussed with each client individually.

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