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Branded merchandise is one of the most popular ways of promoting firms. It is well known that people love getting free gadgets, which is why they are more than happy to be gifted with easy on the eyes and functional products. Such a procedure can be observed mostly during conventions and conferences, where many companies try to beat the competition in reaching the wide audience. With the help of an experienced manufacturer of promotional products, Magic Print, they will definitely succeed in their task. A complex offer and many types of accessories in the collection allow placing highly individualised orders.

Bottle openers and flash drives

Magic Print offers a variety of personalised keyrings – lighters, bottle openers, flash drives and so on. Since they are not only pretty, but also functional, the customers will be curious about them and will definitely decide to keep them for a while. Ordering a batch of individualised products allows for them to be adorned with a logo and contact info of a chosen company. Since personalised keyrings are typically carried around all the time, the firm that decided on this type of marketing strategy can safely assume they are going to be seen by a vast group of people.

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